The Jungle Book 2 [Blu-ray]

The Jungle Book 2 [Blu-ray]

Product Description

Experience the wonder of this timeless tale as you reunite with your favorite characters and meet new friends too! Disney's beloved movie classic continues in THE JUNGLE BOOK 2 -- wilder than ever. Now that Mowgli's living in the "man-village," he cherishes his new best friend and little brother, but he still has that jungle rhythm in his heart. He misses hanging out with happy-go-lucky Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther. Yearning for freedom, Mowgli runs off into the jungle -- and encounters his enemy Shere Khan! This time, he'll need both his new human family and his old jungle friends to help save the day. You'll go bananas for this thrilling musical adventure packed with humor, suspense and untamed fun for everyone!

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Five Stars, July 9, 2014
Great deal!!

One of my favorite Disney movies of all time, July 5, 2014
I absolutely loved this movie when I was a kid. I remember seeing this movie with my mom at the now defunct Patchogue movie theater back in 2003. I used to own this movie on DVD when I was younger, but it got lost and I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm glad I bought a new one. I give this movie 5 stars.

Good kid movie, June 30, 2014
My kids really liked the movie, especially my 6 yr old.

Good, June 19, 2014
Good movie and story line based on the Jungle Book, a good second movie for a story however it is not the greatest like Toy Stoy.

exactly as described., June 2, 2014
Very good to work with and product was exactly as described. Ships just as easy and arrival was just as quick.

Excellent Disney sequel, April 17, 2014
John Goodman may not be Phil Harris, but he's darn close. Goodman makes a very convincing Baloo Bear. This film was made 34 years after the first Jungle Book which makes it more surprising in it's continuity. The actor Jim Cummings can perfectly reproduce the voice of character actor Sterling Holloway, who voiced Kaa in the 1967 Jungle Book film. Technology has advanced in animation since 1967, allowing for shading of characters, but you could watch the two films back to back and have great continuity.

Great movie!!!, April 7, 2014
The kids love it, I remember when this movie came out for the first time, it was the best movie ever, good improvement, nice digital picture, very easy to download, no skips, no freezes, 1000% fun!!!!

Favorite, March 19, 2014
I'm a major Disney fan and Jungle Book has been my favorite since childhood and really enjoyed this second one as well. I'm glad I am able to have a place for my digital books, movies, and music and not pay a monthly fee.

One of Disney's Sequels that I'll Watch Again, March 18, 2014
Now, when it comes to Disney sequels I'm not really big on them, but The Jungle Book 2 is something I really enjoyed. It's colorful, cute, and has some pretty good humor too. The voice cast was also fantastic! I'm glad that Tony Jay got to voice Shere Khan (very close to George Sander's voice). My favorite character in this movie has to be Ranjan. He is just a crack up. Now some people would find new characters in a sequel to be awful or annoying (which I can agree), but this Ranjan character is delightful.

I've got my blu-ray/DVD combo pack today and it'll be added to my Disney Movie Collection. If you're a Disney fan like I am, I say that this movie is worth getting.

cute, March 15, 2014
It seems all the newer versions of these originals have more music and keep the childs attention better than the oriinals